Important Topics from NCERT Textbooks for CBSE Class 12 board 2018 exams

Important Topics from NCERT Textbooks for CBSE Class 12 board 2018 exams

Here we are discussing a few topics which are important from the exam point of view for 2018 Math board exam of CBSE class 12.

Here we are providing important topics from each chapter for CBSE class XII Math board exam 2018. Most of these topics are taken from NCERT Textbooks (Part I & Part II). CBSE 2018 datesheet is already announced. We now know that board exams for XII shall begin from 5 March and, 21 March is the day for Math Exam.

This subject Math requires lots of practice but now very less days are left. So, now students need to focus on practice and revision, rather than studying any new topic(s).

Students preparing for CBSE Class XII Math exam are suggested to go through latest Math Sample Paper issued by the Board. You can watch this Sample Paper at our YouTube Channel too. This sample paper is recently released by the CBSE (in October, 2017). Doing latest sample paper issued by CBSE always helps in understanding pattren of the paper.

Complete details related to each chapter of NCERT Textbooks are listed below :

1.   Relations & Functions

·        Types of Relations

Ø Reflexive, Symmetric and Transitive Relations

Ø Equivalence Relations and Equivalence Classes (Important)

·        Functions

Ø One-one and Onto functions

Ø Bijective function

Ø Inverse of a function (Important)

Ø Composite functions

Ø Binary operations (Important)

2.   Inverse Trigonometric Functions

·        Range, domain and principal value branch (Important)

·        Graphs of inverse trigonometric functions

·        Elementary formulas of inverse trigonometric functions

3.   Matrices

·        Understanding of notation, order, equality of matrix, types of matrix, zero and identity matrix etc.

·        Transpose of matrix, symmetric and skew symmetric matrix, operation on matrices (Addition, subtraction, multiplication etc.)

·        Inverse of matrix, elementary operations (Important)

4.   Determinants

·        Determinants of a square matrix (upto order 3)

·        Properties of determinants (Important)

·        Adjoint and inverse of square matrix

·        Solving system of linear equations using Matrices (Important)

·        Application based problems

5.   Continuity and Differentiability

·        Question based on continuity and differentiability (Important)

·        Derivatives of composite functions, derivatives of inverse trigonometric function, derivatives of implicit functions

·        Derivatives of logarithmic and exponential functions (Important)

·        Derivatives of parametric functions (Important)

·        Second order derivatives (Important)

·        Rolle’s Theorem and MV Theorem

6.   Application Of Derivatives

·        Rate of Change

·        Increasing/Decreasing functions (Important)

·        Tangents and Normals (Important)

·        Approximate values

·        Maxima and Minima (Important)

7.   Integrals

·        Integration of different kind of functions by various method of integrations

·        Definite integrals as a limit of a sum (Important)

·        Properties of definite integrals

8.   Application Of Integrals

·        Area under simple curves (eg. Lines, parabolas, circles, ellipse, sine/cosine curves)

9.   Differential Equations

·        Order and degree of differential equations

·        Formation of differential equations (Important)

·        General and particular solutions of a differential equations

·        Homogeneous differential equations – Proof & Solution (Important)

·        Linear differential equation (Important)

10.               Vector Algebra

·        Direction cosines and direction ratios of a vector (Important)

·        Position vector of a point, Section formulae

·        Scalar product, Vector product, Scalar triple product (Important)

11.               Three Dimensional Geometry

·        Direction cosines and direction ratios of a line (Important)

·        Cartesian and vector equation of a line

·        Coplanar and skew lines

·        Shortest distance between two lines (Important)

·        Cartesian and vector equation of a plane (Important)

·        Angle between (i) two lines (ii) two planes (iii) a line and a plane

·        Distance of a point from (i) a line (ii) a plane

·        Image/ Foot of perpendicular of a point in a (i) line (ii) plane

12.               Linear Programming Problem

·        Formulation of LPP

·        Graphical solution of LPP (for bounded and unbounded feasible region)

13.               Probability

·        Conditional probability (Important)

·        Multiplication theorem on probability, Independent events

·        Total probability and Bayes’ theorem (Important)

·        Random variable and probability distribution – its mean and variance (Important)

·        Bernoulli trials and Binomial distribution (Important)

These are some important topics from complete syllabus for CBSE 2018 Math board exams of XII. Students are advised to give priority to the topics mentioned above while preparing for the Math board exam.

With Best wishes!

Your Math Mentor,

O.P. Gupta

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