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MATHEMATICIA - Vol.1 with Solutions (Class XI) by O.P. Gupta 

Just bank upon Mathematicia… Mathematicia of XI by O.P. Gupta contains a large number of questions along with their Solutions! No need to buy a lot of books from market now! 

Mathematicia is A Complete Theoretical Questionnaire aiming to cater the needs of class XI students of Math. The book contains Chapter-wise Detailed and Illustrative Theory along with a Vast Number of Questions for Practice. The categorization of sums have been done in a manner that it shall enable the students in learning the concepts at ease. These sums have been taken from various sources - NCERT Textbooks, NCERT Exemplar Problems, Govt. School Exams, KVS Exams, JEE (formerly AIEEE), NDA/NA, SCRA, State Level Entrance Exams, Olympiad etc. To aid in your learning of Math, all the well categorized sums in Mathematicia have been provided with their detailed Solutions in algorithmic approach. At places, where needed (and possible), alternative Solutions have been added too. It will be quite helpful for the students in presenting all type of questions with their solutions at one place during the learning and revision phase.

*Note that Mathematicia of XI has 2 separate volumes. You can check Mathematicia Vol. 2 at this link.

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SPECIFICATIONS Of MATHEMATICIA – Vol.1 with Solutions (Class XI)

No. of Units Left :  In Stock - 7 (No. of units Sold - 193 upto 27/09/2019)
Edition :  Ninth Edition
Publication Year :  April 2019
Book Type :  Chapter-wise Question Bank with Detailed Illustrative Theory and Solutions of all Questions
Table of Contents :  Click for Table Of Contents 
Sample Copy :  Click for Sample Chapter
Language :  English
Subject :  Mathematics
Authored By :  O.P. Gupta
No. of Pages :  316
Board :  CBSE, New Delhi and Other State Boards following NCERT Curriculum
Based on :  NCERT Textbooks & Latest CBSE Syllabus
Useful for :  CBSE School Based Exams for 2019-20 as per Latest Pattern
Dimension of Book :  A4 Size (8.27” x 11.69”)
Binding :  Paper Back
Published by :  THE O.P. GUPTA Advanced MATH Classes
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